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SpinSat Investigation Tests New Technology, Returns Data
NASA Image Of The Day
Equipment and data from the SpinSat investigation returns to Earth today, May 21, 2015, with splashdown of the sixth SpaceX cargo resupply mission to the International Space Station. This Nov. 28, 2014 photograph by NASA astronaut Terry Virts captures the predeploy of SpinSat, which was launched into orbit from the station....
21 May 2015

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ESA Navigation
ESA Navigation

  • New Airbus A350 comes EGNOS-capable

    The ESA-developed EGNOS system for sharpening the accuracy of satnav across Europe has been adopted by a growing number of airports to enable satellite-guided landing approaches. The new Airbus A350 airliner, currently entering service, comes fitted with it as standard.

  • Global satnav augmentation systems settle on common channels post-2020

    The next decade’s aircraft pilots will be able to rely on enhanced, reliable satellite navigation signals on a seamless basis across much of the world, thanks to decisions made at the latest gathering of worldwide satnav augmentation system providers and experts.

  • Apprentices sought for ESA’s satnav summer school

    Students still have time to join the ESA International Summer School on Global Navigation Satellite Systems, which will take place in Barcelona, Spain, at the end of August. 

  • Colloquium on scientific and fundamental aspects of Galileo

    Europe’s Galileo satellite navigation system, currently under construction, will affect many aspects of daily life. It also promises to be a valuable scientific yardstick – a new highly precise measuring system to apply to our planet and everything on it, and even to space-time itself.

  • Galileo satellites well on way to working orbit

    Their systems performing well, Europe’s recently launched Galileo navigation satellites have carried out a set of manoeuvres that will take them down to their working positions in orbit.

  • Galileo system updated and back to work

    The worldwide Ground Mission Segment providing all Galileo navigation messages has completed a full-scale hardware and software migration to version V2.0, and is now fully operational again.

  • Galileo eight

    Europe now has eight navigation satellites in orbit after the launch of Galileos 7 & 8

  • Galileo separation

    Replay of the separation of Galileo satellites 7 and 8 from their Fregat upper stage

  • Two new satellites join the Galileo constellation

    The EU’s Galileo satellite navigation system now has eight satellites in orbit following the launch of the latest pair. 

  • Launch replay

    Replay of the launch transmission of Soyuz ST-B carrying Galileo satellites 7 and 8, 27 March at 22:46 GMT, from Europe’s Spaceport

  • Galileo lifts off

    Liftoff of Soyuz ST-B carrying Galileo satellites 7 and 8, at 21:46 GMT, from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana

  • Salvage in space

    A video recounts how the fifth and sixth Galileo satellites had their faulty orbits corrected for navigation testing

  • Galileo: at your service

    With the seventh and eighth Galileo satellites set for launch soon, this video recounts what they will end up doing for Europe and the world

  • Galileo satellites ready for fuelling as launcher takes shape

    All the elements for this month’s Galileo launch are coming together at Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana. As the two satellites undergo final testing and preparations, the first part of their Soyuz launcher has also been integrated.

  • Navipedia

    Visit Navipedia, the web’s leading resource on satellite navigation: http://www.navipedia.net

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